• QBowo after-sales service commitment?

    Ⅰ. Service concept

    1. Achieve customer satisfaction: establish a customer-centered work style, strengthen service awareness and service skills, effectively ensure the quality of network operation with high-quality services, and win customer satisfaction.

    2. Pursuit of high-quality service: constantly improve service content, and pursue the specialization, standardization and diversification of services. Focus on proactive service and personalized service, and shape a high-quality service brand.

    Ⅱ. Technical service system

    Our company provides on-site debugging training to the relevant technical personnel of the buyer. Through training, ensure that the buyer's technical personnel can fully and deeply grasp the basic principles and debugging methods of the equipment provided, and have the ability to use, maintain, operate and deal with faults.

    III. Service Commitment

    1. Installation and commissioning: We will send personnel to the site to provide free technical support such as installation and commissioning according to the user's installation requirements.

    2. Technical training: We will provide relevant technical training and services free of charge according to user requirements.

    3. Quality assurance measures: We provide quality assurance for low-voltage reactive power compensation complete sets of equipment within 1 year after supply. During the quality guarantee period, patrol inspection for users from time to time, such as damage due to quality problems, free repair or replacement. If the supplied product fails, we will be on site within 24-48 hours.

    4. Sales service: in line with the purpose of "customer satisfaction is the starting point of all our work", to provide users with pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service.

    Ⅳ. Quality assurance

    Bowo (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is meticulous from component screening to packaging, strictly implements ISO9001 quality assurance mode and relevant national standards, strictly manages all aspects of production, and ensures product quality.

    As a guideline for providing quality assurance to customers, the company adopts the ISO9001 quality assurance model that includes product design, development and service. ISO9001 quality assurance model has a total of 18 procedural documents, from design, contract review, evaluation of suppliers, raw material procurement, storage, production process control, product inspection, packaging and delivery, after-sales service, etc. have strict requirements. And determine clear operating procedures, work manuals and job responsibilities of each employee, through the training of employees, establish and strengthen the quality awareness of employees, consciously work in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 quality management system. Ensure the technical level of the equipment, as well as the quality, brand new and reliable equipment purchased and the spare parts supplied, ensure the requirements of long-term use under normal operation and maintenance, and meet all the technical requirements of this note.

    Technical service hotline: (010) 62975517 transfer project department

    Engineering service hotline: (010) 62976320 to 8005

  • QWhat are the hazards of harmonics?

    At present, in China's industrial enterprises, the harm of harmonics is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

    (1) Cause voltage distortion

    Because the power system has internal impedance, harmonic load currents will cause harmonic voltage distortion of the voltage waveform (which is the source of "flat-top" waves). This impedance has two components: the impedance of the cable routing inside the electrical installation after the power interface (PCC) and the impedance within the power supply system before the PCC. The distorted load current caused by the nonlinear load creates a distorted voltage drop across the impedance of the cable. The synthesized distortion voltage waveform is added to all other loads connected to the same circuit, causing harmonic currents to flow through, even if these loads are linear.

    (2) Cause the power cable to heat up

    When the high-frequency current passes through the wire, the current has a skin effect, obviously the presence of high harmonic current aggravates the skin effect of the line, and the current density on the outer surface of the line increases, resulting in the heating of the line (phase line and neutral line).

    (3) Electric motor

    The harmonic current generated by the harmonic voltage on the short-circuit impedance of the motor and the negative sequence fundamental current of the motor together make the equipment produce additional heat loss, and it is easy to develop into interference torque when the motor starts, resulting in difficulty in starting the motor and reduced operating efficiency. Too high a harmonic content can cause damage to the motor.

    (4) Capacitors

    Due to the parameter coordination of ICs in the power grid, capacitors inevitably have an amplifying effect on some harmonics. If the capacitor parameters are not properly selected, the capacitor is used for reactive power compensation, and the fundamental reactive current is greatly reduced, there may be a large increase in the harmonic and fractional harmonic currents in the supply current and the capacitor current, resulting in overtemperature and overvoltage of the capacitor, and then damage. In recent years, the service life of reactive power compensation capacitors in industrial enterprises has been greatly shortened by this.

    (5) Relay protection

    Harmonics can cause relay protection and automatic device malfunction, and will make the measurement of electrical measuring instruments inaccurate, which is a major hidden danger in the stable operation of the power grid.

    In addition, the harm of harmonics to electronic equipment and the impact on communication are also obvious. Harmonic pollution generated by power electronics has become a major obstacle to the development of power electronics technology itself. For the power system environment, no harmonics is one of the main signs of green environmental protection.

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