Unified power quality conditioner

Multi-function intelligent control
Power quality problems in one step

Unified power quality conditioner UPQCUnified power quality conditioner
Unified power quality conditioner UPQCUnified power quality conditioner

Product introduction

Unified power quality conditioner UPQC combines modern power electronics technology and automatic control principle technology to achieve dynamic power quality comprehensive management. The series inverter realizes the compensation of the power supply voltage, so that the load obtains a sinusoidal AC voltage; The parallel inverter realizes the compensation of the load current, so that the power supply obtains sinusoidal AC current, and the series inverter and the parallel inverter work together, so as to achieve the load to obtain high-quality sine wave voltage, and the power grid to obtain high-quality sine wave current. Combined improvement of voltage quality (harmonics, amplitude, transients, etc.) and intertransmission of harmful currents in isolated loads.

Unified power quality conditioner can realize a variety of functions through multi-objective coordinated control:

(1) Voltage control (voltage sag rise, sag, distortion compensation, etc.) 

(2) Current control (active dynamic harmonic filtering)

(3) Power control (active and reactive dynamic compensation)

(4) Three-phase imbalance compensation

(5) Stabilize the grid frequency


Mainly used in petrochemical, semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical, automobile manufacturing, textile and other high-precision industrial fields greatly affected by power quality, as well as industrial and commercial energy storage, microgrid, weak current area power supply and other markets are widely used.
  • Analysis and solution of semiconductor power quality problems


  • Data center power quality problem analysis and solution

    Data center

  • Analysis and solution of photovoltaic power quality problems


  • Analysis and solution of automotive power quality problems


  • Analysis and solution of iron and steel metallurgical power quality problems

    Iron and steel metallurgy

Product features

Unified power quality conditioner can achieve multiple functions through multi-objective coordinated control.
Energy saving, online interaction, three-level topology, efficiency > 98%.
Intelligent control, realize active and reactive independent adjustment.
Fast real-time response less than 5ms, reactive power compensation, high compensation accuracy, and the power factor after compensation is not less than 0.99.
Effectively filter out the load harmonic current, the harmonic filtering rate is high, which can reach more than 95%, improve the security of power supply and improve the power quality.
Effectively filter out the harmonic voltage of the power grid, and the voltage distortion rate does not exceed 2%.
Effective stable load terminal voltage, voltage accuracy less than 1%, response within 2ms, avoid the loss caused by voltage sag and sag, centralized can realize load regulation, load tracking, strengthen system stability.
No energy storage components such as supercapacitor batteries, stronger safety and reliability.
Realize digital and remote operation, 10-inch local intelligent touch display, comprehensively improve the intelligence level of the equipment, and meet various requirements in the actual use process.
Modular design, according to the needs of load growth, it is very convenient to expand the power module, a single module abnormally does not affect the normal operation of the system, and the drawer structure is convenient for installation and maintenance.

Technical characteristics

The Unified power quality conditioner is composed of series inverter, parallel inverter, filter, series transformer, power supply voltage compensation detection, load current compensation detection, and controller. According to the requirements of the compensation amount to issue a control command, so that the series inverter outputs the desired compensation voltage, completes the function of frequency and voltage adjustment, so that the load-side voltage distortion rate does not exceed 2%, the parallel inverter outputs the expected compensation current, so that the grid-side current distortion rate is less than 5%, and the fuzzy control strategy (Fuzzy Control, FC) is adopted, which has strong robustness, especially for nonlinear, time-varying and hysteresis system equipment, with perfect control rules. In the event of an exception, automatic bypass does not affect the continuity and reliability of power supply.

Technical Parameter

InputRated voltage208V~480V
Voltage range-30%~+30% (customizable) Low voltage linear derating
Frequency range50Hz/60Hz±5Hz (adaptive)
Wiring method3-phase 3-wire/3-phase 4-wire
Power factor0.99
Harmonic voltage compensation number2-25 times
Input side current distortion rate THDi≤5%
Multi-machine parallelSupport multi-module paralleling
OutputOutput frequency50±0.01Hz or 60±0.01Hz
Harmonic current compensation times2-51 times
Output side voltage distortion rate, THDu≤2%
EfficiencyOnline Long-Term Regulation Mode> 98%
Overload capacity110%@60min 125%@10min
Performance IndicatorsMaintenance mechanical bypassOptional
Fast response time<100μs
Full response time<2.5ms
Noise≤60dB (100% Load)
Heat dissipation modeForced air cooling, intelligent speed regulation
Protection functionShort circuit protection, DC bus undervoltage/overvoltage protection, power semiconductor fault protection, overload protection, etc.
Interface ModuleDisplay10 inch touch monitor
CommunicationRS232 or RS422, RS485, SNMP network card (optional)
Usage EnvironmentAmbient temperature-10℃~+45℃
Ambient humidity≤95%RH (non-condensing)
Storage temperature-25℃~55℃
Altitude<1500m, power reduction of 1% for each additional 100m above 1500m
Protection levelIP20 (higher customizable)
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