Unbalanced governance device

Detect the negative sequence component in the power grid and correct the three-phase unbalanced current to the three-phase balance current

Unbalanced governance device BW-SPC
Unbalanced governance device BW-SPC

Product Introduction

BW-SPC series imbalance control device, is a kind of use of IGBT technology, SVG technology, power electronics technology and other technology integration, the principle is according to the sampling circuit AC sampling analysis of the load imbalance between the three phases, DSP calculates the current value and phase that needs to be compensated, the signal generator sends a PWM signal to the IGBT drive, and the inverter generates a current that meets the requirements and sends it to the system to achieve three-phase load balance adjustment device. Products are widely used in 400V distribution network three-phase load balance adjustment site.

The device can adjust the system three-phase current and reduce the neutral current, while realizing continuous, dynamic reactive power compensation with a compensation accuracy of 99%, and taking into account the functions of filtering and voltage stabilization.

Compact size, easy to install, can replace the capacitors in the original capacitor cabinet, smart capacitors, etc., convenient for renovation construction.

Main functions
  • Solve the problem of three-phase current imbalance in distribution network, reduce neutral line current, and reduce line loss;

  • Capacitive inductive reactive power compensation to improve the effective output capacity of the distribution network;

  • Effectively filter out 3/6/9th harmonics, reduce neutral current, and improve power distribution safety;

  • Stabilize the three-phase voltage of the system, improve the quality of power supply, and improve the power environment;

  • Solve the problem of single-phase overload of transformers, improve the load capacity of transformers, and extend the life of transformers.

Product portfolio

SPC can be used alone or in combination with capacitors and commutation switches.

SVG+ capacitor

  • A unified controller is used to control SPC and capacitor bank to truly achieve the effect of linear compensation;

  • The control strategy is diversified, and the co-compensated capacitor, sub-compensated capacitor and phase-to-phase jump compensation capacitor can be configured;

  • In the unbalanced mode, the coarse adjustment of the compensation capacitor is adopted for the span connection between phases first, and then the SPC trimming is adopted to reduce the power consumption output of the whole machine;

  • The control strategy of cyclic switching capacitor is adopted to extend the service life of the capacitor;

  • Compared with the pure SPC compensation mode, the "SPC+capacitor" mode of the same capacity is more cost-effective;

  • Multi-target parameter coordinated control, based on voltage, power factor, reactive power compensation and other parameters as the comprehensive judgment basis, no switching oscillation, no compensation sluggish range.

SVG+ commutation switch

  • SPC directly controls the commutation switch, adopts the mode of commutation switch coarse adjustment and SPC fine-tuning, and achieves the effect of unbalanced linear compensation;

  • The power dissipation generated by SPC cancels out the line loss reduced by the commutation switch, which solves the criticism of using SPC to increase line loss;

  • It can not only solve the imbalance on the line, but also meet the requirements of the three-phase imbalance assessment index in real time;

  • At the same time, it has the functions of reactive power compensation and harmonic control, and comprehensively solves the power quality problem of distribution and transformation in Taiwan;

  • Alleviate the problem of low voltage on the terminal line while delaying line aging.

Technical Parameters

BW-SPC (4 wires)400/15-4400/25-4400/50-4400/100-4
Rated capacity (kvar)152550100
Rated voltage400V±15%(Other voltage levels can be customized)
Rated operating frequency50/60Hz±5%
Use ambient temperature-10℃~+55℃, Automatic volume reduction over temperature
Overload capacity2.5ln,20ms
Switching frequency20kHZ(IGBT)
Response time≤50μs
Full response time≤15ms
Filtering range2~51st harmonic, filtering efficiency can reach more than 97%.
Structural designThe modular design of the housing is IP20 as standard
Device mounting methodRack or wall mounted
Fault handlingThe failure of any module does not affect the normal operation of other modules and the overall operation of the system
Control algorithmIntelligent FFT algorithm, instantaneous reactive power algorithm
Man-machine interfaceColor LCD screen display
Function settingFiltering, reactive power compensation, unbalance compensation free combination mode
Full load power consumption≤2%
Weight ripple22kg38kg
Cooling modeIntelligent air cooling
BOWO Smart Power Energy Integration
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