High-voltage hybrid reactive compensation and filtering device

The high-voltage FC is used as the basic compensation, and the SVG is adjusted
Realize smooth adjustment of load reactive power

High-voltage hybrid reactive compensation and filtering device BW-SVG+HFC
High-voltage hybrid reactive compensation and filtering device BW-SVG+HFC

Product Introduction

The hybrid reactive power compensation device is a new device that can quickly and continuously smoothly adjust the reactive power of the power system by organically combining passive reactance, capacitor compensation and active SVG compensation. BW-HFC+SVG series device, is the use of IGBT technology, SVG technology, power electronics technology, LC compensation filtering technology and other technology integration, the principle is according to the sampling circuit AC sampling analysis of the load reactive power situation, HFC part as the basic compensation, SVG part adjustment, to achieve load reactive power smooth adjustment of the device. Products are widely used in metallurgy, coal, chemical, nonferrous metals, petrochemical, semiconductor, automotive and other industries.

Technical Features
  • The control system of the complete set of devices should automatically adjust the reactive power output of the device and control the switching of the shunt capacitor according to the change of system voltage/reactive power;

  • The complete set of devices has a parameter setting function for the use of the duty officer, and the content of all settings is not affected by power outages and interference signals;

  • It can display voltage, current, power factor, reactive power, active power, compensation total reactive output, etc.

  • Display the on-off status of the corresponding high-voltage circuit breaker, display various protection actions and fault alarms;

  • Record the type, difference and action value of the event, record the event in order, query through liquid crystal, and communicate remotely;

  • The fault self-diagnosis system adopts an integrated workstation, with a friendly man-machine interface, and the data is stored for more than 3 months.

Technical Parameters

Rated voltage6kV、10kV
Reactive power compensation abilityAfter compensation, the power factor is increased to more than 0.98

The output reactive power can be continuously adjusted within the capacity of the whole machine

If the total compensation capacity is sufficient, the power factor can be close to 1

Reactive power can be output in both directions

The dynamic response time of the device is ≤20ms

It has self-test function and overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature and other protection functions to ensure stable and reliable operation of the equipment

Multiple software and hardware anti-interference measures are adopted

It has the functions of power quality parameters, waveform display, harmonic content display and event recording
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