Capacitor switch

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Capacitor switch
Capacitor switch

Product Introduction

DQS201-B high-power intelligent switching device


Technical parameters

Rated voltage400VAC, 660VAC (special customizable)
Switching capacity25kvar, 50kvar, 100kvar, 200kvar, 400kvar (special customizable)
number of phasesThree-phase (inside the angle, outside the corner), single-phase
response time≤20ms
control signal24VDC
operating frequency50Hz±5%
dv  /  dt≥800V/μs
di  /  dt≥100A/μs
Power consumptionLow power consumption, low thermal resistance, contact voltage drop ≤ 2.0V

Conditions of use

  • Ambient temperature: -20°C~+40°C;

  • The relative humidity of the air does not exceed 50% at a temperature of 40°C, and a higher relative humidity is allowed at a lower temperature, such as 90% at +20°C;

  • The power supply should be a 50Hz sine wave, the voltage fluctuation range should not exceed ±20% of the rated value, and THDU≤30%;

  • Atmospheric pressure: 79.5kPa~106.0kPa (altitude 2000m and below);

  • Vibration conditions: no severe vibration and shock;

  • No conductive and explosive dust, no corrosive gas.

Installation position and size

This device is installed in the TSF/TSC cabinet and is used for switching of low-voltage reactive power compensation capacitors (groups).


Fixed size:D×E×F=200(mm)×300(mm)×550(mm)


DQS201-S low-power intelligent switching device


Technical parameters

Rated voltage400VAC
Response time≤20ms (all three phases are invested in time)
Control signal12VDC、24VDC
Operating frequency50Hz±5%
dv  /  dt≥800V/μs
di  /  dt≥100A/μs
Power consumptionTube pressure drop ≤ 2.0V

Outline and installation dimension drawing



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