Energy router

The core device of the energy Internet
It can realize the input, output, conversion and storage of different energy carriers

Energy router Erouter
Energy router Erouter

Product Introduction

The next generation of power systems, known as smart grids, will incorporate a wealth of renewable energy resources, fundamentally changing the paradigm of energy management. In order to effectively manage the supply and demand of energy in the grid, energy routers are required to dynamically adjust the distribution of energy in the grid, that is, the energy Internet.

Energy router is a technology that integrates power transmission and information exchange. It undertakes two major tasks, namely the dynamic adjustment of the energy flow and real-time communication between the power units.

Energy router is an upgraded product of inverter, which can be understood as a smart inverter for wind, solar and storage integrated energy systems.

The function is to add power grid real-time communication, BMS and system scheduling functions on the basis of the inverter to realize the dynamic distribution of power between power generation, energy storage and grid connection, before the management and grid connection of photovoltaic power plants required multiple products, now through the energy router one product to solve.

Product features
  • Distributed energy resources and energy storage devices are connected to the power grid

  • It can realize the input, output, conversion and storage of different energy carriers, and is the core device of the energy Internet

  • Standardized interfaces in a variety of flexible energy formats to ensure "plug and play" at all times

  • It can control the voltage and current of each port in real time to realize the power grid requirements such as energy management and power flow dispatching

  • It has good dynamic characteristics and can cope with power system failures

  • It can realize the collection of power grid data and provide big data basis for the operation strategy of the energy Internet in a larger range

  • Independent intellectual property rights of the power unit fast shutdown algorithm

Fields of application
Home applicationPhotovoltaic and energy storage are used as power sources to ensure reliable power supply and economic consumption, and DC loads can be new DC air conditioners, DC washing machines or DC lamps.
Distribution area applicationEach distribution transformer is equipped with an energy router, which not only meets the access of new energy, but also forms a closed AC and DC power supply system, which improves the reliability of power supply and can respond to the dispatch of the power grid.
Park-level applicationA park is equipped with an energy router system, the energy router equipment is installed under different transformers, the whole system not only ensures each independent autonomy, but also can interact well with the power grid, to ensure the new energy consumption and reliable power consumption of the entire park.
Internet energy routerLocate and build a regional energy Internet, and all energy routers in the region are scattered on the 380V side of each distribution transformer (station-level equipment), but the DC bus can be connected to each other. The intelligent management system coordinates and controls the energy routers in the area (park-level control). Through the energy router, the excess power of the station area with low load rate can be transmitted to the station area with insufficient power supply, so as to improve the system power supply capacity and system stability.
Vehicle energy routerIn the mobile application scenario, energy routers and energy storage devices are configured on large engineering vehicles, and energy router devices are installed in the cabin to ensure individual autonomy. It is mainly used for emergencies such as emergency and prevention, and has the advantages of strong mobility and real-time power supply processing.
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