Dynamic voltage restorer

Real-time dynamic "voltage regulator" to ensure sensitive load voltage quality
Flexible exit, isolated output

Dynamic voltage restorer BW-DVR
Dynamic voltage restorer BW-DVR

Introduction to voltage sag

Definition of voltage sag

According to the national standard GB/T30137-2013:
Voltage sag is defined as the phenomenon that the voltage RMS is reduced to 90%~10% of the rated value, and it takes 10ms~1min to recover again.

Voltage sag three characteristics

Voltage sag events are frequent - Inevitability
Voltage sag time is unpredictable - Contingency
The harm of voltage sag is huge - Severity

Dynamic voltage restorer BW-DVR

Product introduction

Grid voltage is normal - standby mode

Thyristor electronic switch is on, and the load is directly supplied by the grid.
Operation characteristics: efficient operation, real-time monitoring

Grid voltage anomaly - compensation mode

When the voltage dips, sudden rise or short-term interruption, quickly cut off the thyristor electronic switch, and start the IGBT power module at the same time, the load is isolated from the grid, and BW-DVR supplies power to the load.
Operation characteristics: fast response, isolated output

Grid voltage recovery stability - recovery mode

After the voltage waveform output by BW-DVR is synchronized with the waveform of the power grid, the thyristor electronic switch is turned on and the load is directly supplied by the grid again.
At the same time, it replenishes the lost energy for the energy storage capacitor cabinet.
Operation characteristics: flexible exit, seamless switching

Troubleshooting mode

When BW-DVR equipment fails or is scheduled for maintenance, switch to bypass loop power supply; After the maintenance is completed, the equipment is automatically resumed operation.
Operation features: fast bypass, automatic recovery

In order to meet the most basic electrical stability requirements of customers

Excellent compensation

  • 100%

    100% full compensation of voltage
  • <2ms

    The response time is less than 2ms
  • 3 / 1

    Three-phase/single-phase voltage compensation
  • Product features

    Efficient operation, fast response

    Low energy consumption, operating efficiency of 99.2%
    Fast response, full response time <2ms

    Long life, maintenance-free

    Long life, design life of more than 20 years
    Maintenance-free, simple topology

    High reliability, multi-redundancy design

    Strong reliability, control power supply AC and DC power supply
    Multi-redundant backup design

    Strong overload capacity

    Strong overload capacity
    Hundreds of thousands of amperes impact resistance

    Green operation, no harmonic pollution

    Green environmental protection
    will not cause harmonic pollution to the power grid

    Technical parameters

    System rated voltage400V(208V-750V)
    Compensates for the operating voltageLow voltage compensation range 0-85% rated voltage; High voltage compensation range 115%~130% rated voltage
    Compensation capacity(kVA)≤100150200300400500600800
    Compensation time3s3s3s3s2s4s3s2s
    Overall dimension(mm)1000*8001200*8001800*8003000*10004000*1000
    Continuous-Compensation Capacity (kVA)10001250160020002500
    Continuous-ContinCompensation Time1s1s0.8s0.4s1s
    Continuous-Continued-Overall Size(mm)4400*10005000*10006600*10007200*10008400*1000
    Operating frequency48.5Hz ~ 51.5Hz
    Device response time<2ms
    Compensation voltage unbalance<3%
    Voltage compensation accuracy<2%
    Machine efficiency>99% (non-compensated, P≥300kW device)
    Voltage total harmonic distortion rate<4%
    Working environment temperature-25℃ ~ +45℃
    Test accuracyAccuracy within 0.2μu ~ 1.5μu is not less than 2%
    ProtectIt has the necessary protection, and the protection action does not affect the normal power supply of the load
    Operating humidity0 ~ 95% non-condensing
    Noise≤60dB uncompensated, charging conditions (measured at 1 meter from the device)
    LifeMaintenance life 20 years
    Note: The size in the above table is for 400V voltage level equipment, the standard size of cabinet height is 2200mm, and the size of other voltage level equipment is communicated with Bowo.
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