Power conversion system

Peak shaving and valley filling, solar storage/wind storage, peak shaving/frequency regulation
Off-grid power backup, virtual capacity increase, flexible power grid, microgrid

Power conversion system BW-PCS
Power conversion system BW-PCS

Product Introduction

Product features

Efficient conversion

  • AC three-phase without zero line, no zero line current

  • Realize two-way conversion control of power grid and battery energy, and the discharge efficiency can reach 98.5%

Flexible application

  • Fast switching of grid-connected and off-grid status

  • Multi-battery branch input

  • Inertia and reactive power compensation support

  • No derating at ambient temperature 55°C

Convenient operation and maintenance

  • Lightweight design, easy installation

  • Modular design, intelligent parallel machine, no human operation

  • Perfect fault protection function

Safe and reliable

  • Low voltage ride-through, automatic current sharing of multiple parallel machines, support black start

  • High reliability, strong adaptability, two-way seamless switching

  • High protection level

Circuit block diagram


Application model
  • Industrial and commercial energy storage   Application mode

储能变流器PCS_工商业储能应用-2.pngPeak shaving and valley filling储能变流器PCS_工商业储能应用-3.pngElectricity trading

Through valley-hour charging energy storage and peak-hour discharge energy supply, we can reduce the electricity cost of enterprises or parks and save electricity costs for customers

On the electricity market trading platform, short-term electricity trading is carried out in combination with load forecasting to achieve increased revenue

储能变流器PCS_工商业储能应用-4.pngOff-grid backup储能变流器PCS_工商业储能应用-5.pngVirtual capacity increase

In the event of power interruption, uninterrupted short-term power supply for important loads reduces economic losses caused by sudden load failure

When the short-term power consumption is greater than the transformer capacity, the energy storage system performs rapid discharge to meet the load energy demand requirements

  • Grid-side energy storage application mode

New energy power stationEffectively solve the problem of instability and intermittency of renewable energy power generation, and improve the penetration rate of renewable energy in the power grid01
Frequency regulationUsing the rapid response ability of battery energy storage technology, participate in the AGC frequency regulation auxiliary service of the power grid, improve the response speed of the generator set and the KP value of the power plant, and obtain the power grid auxiliary service reward02
Power auxiliary servicesPower auxiliary services refer to market-oriented auxiliary services other than normal electric energy production provided by grid-connected power plants or power users to maintain the safe and stable operation of the power system and ensure power quality03
Emergency power supportThe flexible adjustment of energy storage can improve the safe and stable operation ability of UHV AC and DC power grids04
Delays transmission and distribution investmentThe application of energy storage can effectively improve the service life of power infrastructure, improve the degree of distributed energy resources, provide electric energy to remote communities, and effectively delay the investment process of transmission and distribution05
Ensure the stability of power grid operationA buffer layer is formed on the low-voltage side to absorb part of the photovoltaic power generation with excessive output, which is convenient for the dispatching department to control the power flow and ensure the stability of the power grid operation06
Smooth new energy outputThrough energy storage equipment, the power generation of new energy is stored, and the function of short-term fluctuation is provided when the fluctuation of new energy power generation fluctuates07
Peak shavingDuring peak hours, the energy storage system is supported by rapid discharge, which effectively relieves the pressure on the transmission and distribution station when the load is used intensively08
  • Microgrid  Application mode


Technical Parameters

Specifications (kW)ModuleEnergy storage cabinet
DC side
Voltage range (V)250~850560~850
Number of input channels11114488
Maximum charge and discharge current (A)100901131234504929001000
AC side (grid-connected)
Rated voltage (V)400Vac
Voltage range (V)320~440Vac
Frequency range (Hz)50±5Hz
Wiring methodThree-phase three-wire / three-phase four-wire
Rated power (kW)305062.580250320500630
Maximum power (kW)33556988275352550693
Rated current (A)437290115360460720909
Power factor0.99 (Rated Power)
Power factor adjustment range1 (Lead)~1 (Hysteresis)
Current distortion rate<3% (Rated Power)
DC component<0.5%
Grid connectionSupport
过载能力110% long-term
Discharge efficiency96%98.5%
AC side (off-grid)
Rated output voltage (V)400Vac
AC voltage harmonics< 3%(linear load)
Frequency range (Hz)50±5Hz
AC output power (kW)305062.580250320500630
Equipment protection
Battery anti-reverse polarityYes
DC overcurrent protectionYes
AC overcurrent protectionYes
AC overvoltage protectionYes
Surge protectionYes
Grid monitoringYes
Ground fault monitoringYes
System parameters
Size (width, depth, height, mm)470×480×185440×585×232800×800×21601100×800×216
Operating temperature range-25°C~55°C (>45°C derating)
Operating humidity range0~95%RH, non-condensing
Altitude2000m (>2000m derating)
Cooling modeIntelligent air-cooled
Protection levelIP20
Communication interfaceCAN/RS485
Compliance with standardsGB/T 34120-2017,GB/T 34133-2017,EN 62477, EN IEC 61000
Grid supportL/HVRT, active, reactive power control, power slope control
BOWO Smart Power Energy Integration
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