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Monitoring terminal
Monitoring terminal

Product Introduction

Intelligent low voltage monitoring terminal series
DQC3000B dynamic reactive power compensation controllerDQC3000G reactive power compensation and distribution monitoring terminal
It is applied to power distribution systems with frequent reactive load changes and harmonics with voltage of 1000V and below; Realize the monitoring and control of dynamic filtering.It is applied to the automatic control and distribution monitoring of reactive power compensation in three-phase power distribution system, and supports co-complementation, sub-compensation and equal volume cycle switching. DQC3000A three-phase unbalance system



DQC3000A three-phase unbalance systemDQC2100B type intermediate frequency furnace special controller
Intelligent dynamic reactive power compensation and harmonic control monitoring terminalApplied to intermediate frequency furnace filtering and reactive power compensation automatic control, is a new type of intermediate frequency furnace special controller, can also be used in low-voltage AC power distribution system, need to control harmonics working conditions.
It is applied to industrial spot welding machine groups with 380V power supply (L1-L2, L2-L3 or L3-L1) between phases (this type of load causes power quality problems such as low system power factor, voltage fluctuation and flicker, large harmonic content, and three-phase imbalance, resulting in poor welding quality, force rate fines, increased system losses, etc.).



Intelligent low voltage monitoring terminal seriesIntelligent capacitor microcomputer protection series
DHR3000 high-voltage reactive power compensation and harmonic control automatic switching monitoring terminalDPT3400B type protector
For automatic adjustment of reactive power compensation devices in high-voltage distribution systems.It is mainly used in the overload and phase loss protection of harmonic filter branches to ensure the safe, stable and reliable work of the equipment.



Intelligent integrated monitoring terminal series
DQX3000 power quality integrated controllerDQC5000 power factor controller
Using one controller to uniformly control the switching of the active part and the passive capacitor, the problem of control competition and conflict between the active controller and the passive controller in a set of reactive power compensation & filtering system is solved. It is mainly used in passive + active hybrid reactive power compensation and harmonic governance.Integrate the control strategies of the original DQC3000B, DQC3000G, and DHR3000 controllers, and realize that one controller can realize all the functions of the three controllers through parameter setting. It is widely used in various occasions of high and low voltage reactive power compensation and harmonic control control.



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