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Service concept

(1) Achieve customer satisfaction:

Establish a customer-centered work style, strengthen service awareness and service skills, effectively ensure the quality of product operation with high-quality service, and win customer satisfaction.

(2) Pursuit of high-quality service:

Constantly improve the service content and pursue the specialization, standardization and diversification of services. Focus on proactive service and personalized service, and shape a high-quality service brand.

Service commitment

(1) Installation and commissioning: We will send personnel to the site to provide technical services such as guidance installation and guidance debugging according to the user's installation requirements.

(2) Technical training: We will provide relevant technical training and services free of charge according to user requirements.

(3) Sales service: in line with the purpose of "user satisfaction is the starting point of all our work", to provide users with pre-sale, sale, after-sales service.

Service content

Service content during the warranty period:

(1) Responsible for all on-site guidance installation and commissioning work until the overall normal operation of the equipment;

(2) The quality assurance period of the equipment is 1 year from the acceptance of the equipment (or 18 months from the equipment to the site), and free repair and maintenance during the warranty period;

(3) Provide 7×24-hour hotline service;

(4) During the warranty period, the equipment fails to arrive at the scene 24 hours after receiving the fault notice according to the buyer's requirements and solve the quality problem;

(5) Provide free maintenance services during the warranty period, and perform regular door-to-door and product quality tracking services;

(6) Responsible for the training of buyer's personnel, the training content involves the use and maintenance of equipment;

(7) Provide telephone, fax, email technical support.

Service content outside the warranty period:

(1) In the event of a major failure of the equipment, it will arrive at the scene within 24 hours from the time of reporting for fault handling;

(2) Provide 7×24-hour hotline service;

(3) Provide telephone, fax, email technical support.

Out-of-warranty expenses are only charged for personnel travel and component costs, and no other fees are charged.

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