Low-voltage dynamic reactive compensation device

High-power thyristors and zero-crossing switching technology
Real-time and fast compensation of fundamental reactive power of the system, while taking into account filtering

Low-voltage dynamic reactive compensation device DF-TSF
Low-voltage dynamic reactive compensation device DF-TSF

Product Introduction

DF-TSF series dynamic reactive power compensation device is designed and selected based on the load condition of the user's distribution system. It uses LC filtering technology and high-power thyristor switching technology to compensate for the fundamental reactive power of the system in real-time, and filter out harmonics. It consists of an intelligent monitoring terminal, a controllable thyristor switching module, an LC compensation filtering unit, a protection module, and a cabinet.

Application areas

DF-TSF series dynamic reactive power compensation devices are widely used in low-voltage 400V, 660V, 750V, 1000V distribution systems in power, iron and steel, metallurgy, coal mining, railway, petroleum, machinery, chemical, shipbuilding, ports, light industry, building materials, mining and other industries. They are suitable for dynamic reactive power compensation, and need to suppress or treat harmonics, especially for rolling mills, electric welders (three-phase balanced rectification), seamless steel pipe plants, cranes, elevators, overhead cranes and other systems with harmonics and large reactive power loads.

Technical features
  • Dynamic reactive power compensation to achieve standard power factor and avoid penalties for power factor charges from the power supply company;

  • The filtering branch can not only compensate for reactive power, but also has a high harmonic filtering rate of more than 90%, which improves the safety of the power supply and improves the quality of the electric energy;

  • Improve the utilization rate of equipment (transformers, lines), and reduce the total supply current by compensating for reactive power and suppressing harmonics;

  • Effectively support the load-side voltage and strengthen the system voltage stability;

  • Energy saving and loss reduction;

  • Zero-current fast switching: controlled thyristor zero-current switching, fast response, no need for capacitor discharge, can meet the needs of impact loads. It ensures no surge current, no impact, and runs more stable, safer and more reliable;

  • Large capacity for single cabinet: 650kvar can be achieved for a single group in a single cabinet for a 400V system; 850kvar can be achieved for a single group in a single cabinet for a 690V system.

Technical advantages
  • Adopt three-phase inner angle control zero-crossing fast switching, switching without surge current and no operation overvoltage;

  • Fast response time (≤10ms), frequent switching, no noise, long service life;

  • Fully digital control design;

  • The main circuit and the control circuit are in different single compartments to prevent the interference of the main circuit on the control circuit;

  • Adopt pulse transformer trigger mode, the voltage isolation level reaches 10kV;

  • Phase sequence self-adaptation, no phase sequence requirements for wiring;

  • Easy to replace and maintain.

Technical Parameters

Electrical characteristicsRated voltage400V, 660V, 750V, 1000V (special requirements can be customized)
Operating frequency50Hz/60Hz
Reactive power compensation capabilityHarmonic control while compensating reactive power, power factor can reach 0.9~0.95 or more
Response time<10ms (controller response time); ≤20ms (full response time)
Machine power consumption≤0.8% device capacity
Measurement accuracyVoltage, current level 0.5; Power 1.5 class
Rated measurement voltage400V
Rated measurement currentRequires 1/3 CT, 5VA, CT secondary side current is 5A
Control connectionUser interfaceLarge screen LCD screen
ControllerDigital DSP+ARM supports
Communication functionModbus remote communication protocol, communication interface RS485/232 and CAN bus
Control connectionElectrical connection
Structural characteristicsOverall structureScreen cabinet floor structure
Protection levelIP30, protection class IP33 for outdoor use (special requirements can be customized)
ColorRAL7035 (light gray) or customized according to user requirements
Cooling methodForced air cooling
Installation methodInstallation and construction according to the requirements of general power distribution cabinets
Environmental conditionsAmbient temperature-5℃~+40℃
Storage temperature-25℃~+40℃
Relative temperatureIndoors: ≤90% at +20°C; 50% ≤ at +40°C; Outdoor: 100% ≤ at +25°C
AltitudeInstallation altitude less than 2000 m (Other special requirements need to be customized)
VibrationNo severe vibration and shock
Environmental influenceNo conductive and explosive dust, no corrosive gas
Electromagnetic compatibility standards and testsComplies with GBT 7251.1-2013 including surge (shock) interference, fast transient interference, radiated electromagnetic field interference, electrostatic discharge interference, electromagnetic emission test, etc
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