Inductive generator for hybrid compensation

It can form a capacitor cabinet with a capacitor bank to realize stepless power factor control

Inductive generator for hybrid compensation PQflexC
Inductive generator for hybrid compensation PQflexC

Product Introduction

ABB PQflexC hybrid compensation reactive power generator, can perform stepless reactive power compensation for inductive and capacitive loads, the target power factor can be set from 0.6 (inductive) to 0.6 (capacitive); PQflexC can be combined with conventional capacitor banks to form a capacitor cabinet for stepless power factor control.

PQflexC's unique modular structure allows users to combine configurations depending on their application type, including 30kvar, 75kvar and 100kvar drawer modules, wall-mounted solutions, or stand-alone cabinets:

  • PQflexC-M-drawer module: modular design, suitable for OEM, low-voltage switchgear, electric drive manufacturers;

  • PQflexC-WM-wall-mounted: distributed installation, suitable for applications with limited space;

  • PQflexC-C-Independent cabinet type: original manufacturing, the whole cabinet has passed the full function test; The hybrid compensation scheme can contain a PQflexC block and multiple capacitors, with PQflexC acting as a controller and switching capacitors.

Selection Table

Product modelCompensation capacity
PQflexC-Ccomplete machine:~300kvar


1. Number of modules: ≥ 16 modules are connected, modules of different capacities can be used;

2. Redundancy function: any unit can be used as the main module, once a failure occurs, other units can be used as the main module;

3. Hybrid compensation is suitable for a single PQflexC module, when multiple PQflexC modules are used in parallel, it will not be possible to cooperate with the capacitor bank to achieve the hybrid compensation function;

4. Other rated currents are included in other combinations, please contact us for a better combination.

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