Variable frequency drive voltage restorer

Escort DC loads (inverters)
Small size, low cost advantages

Variable frequency drive voltage restorer DC-BANK/VFDVR
Variable frequency drive voltage restorer DC-BANK/VFDVR

Product Introduction


BW-VFDVR inverter voltage restorer is a compensation device with energy storage device (system), its main function is to effectively prevent the impact of transient power quality problems (voltage sag, short-term interruption of power supply, etc.) on the inverter load, used to protect the normal operation of the inverter, can be connected in parallel in the inverter DC bus positive and negative power terminals.

BW-VFDVR combines power electronics technology with supercapacitor energy storage technology, when the system has voltage sag and short-term interruption, BW-VFDVR device can use the electric energy stored in the supercapacitor to provide the inverter load, so that the user's critical load can maintain normal power supply during the abnormal time of the grid voltage and protect the normal operation of the load.

Application field

BW-VFDVR series dynamic voltage restorer is widely used in chip manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, hospital, power plant, food processing, chemical fiber, glass and other widely used inverter processing and manufacturing industries.

  • The BW-VFDVR device can be connected in parallel to the DC bus input of the load inverter to prevent the system voltage interference from causing the inverter to stop under voltage, such as various frequency conversion motor circuits in textile factories, to prevent the system voltage sag from short-term interruption causing a large number of waste products and huge economic losses in the factory;

  • Due to its small size and low cost, BW-VFDVR devices are superior to conventional dynamic voltage restorers, UPS power supplies and other products in response to inverter load voltage sag management occasions.

  • BW-VFDVR device can be combined with other anti-shaking devices (such as anti-shaking contactors, anti-shaking modules), low-power UPS and other means to achieve the goal of comprehensive treatment of user voltage sagging.

Technical characteristics
  • Fast response: directly and dynamically switch the power grid and VFDVR power supply after the voltage sag occurs in the power grid.

  • Wide operating range: the inverter power supply support can be carried out from 0-90% of the grid voltage range.

  • High work efficiency: >99.5%;

  • There are many types of governance: it can effectively treat the voltage sag caused by various power faults such as single-phase circuits, two-phase circuits, and three-phase circuits;

  • Flexible compensation time: standard equipment compensation time 0.5-1s, compensation time can be customized, according to the actual needs of users, the device can be flexibly configured according to the user's compensation time, load capacity and other parameters, so as to save investment and improve the utilization rate of equipment;

  • High degree of automation: the program self-detection after the device is started, and the whole start-up process does not require human intervention. The device can communicate with the user background through the RS485 interface, upload the status of the device itself and the power supply of the power supply system;

  • Small size and maintenance-free: the whole series adopts supercapacitors as energy storage components, which has the advantages of small footprint and maintenance-free;

  • Simple installation and wiring: only two steps: power supply in and load out.

Technical Parameters

Rated input voltage380VAC/400VAC
Rated output voltage510V (configurable)
Compensated operating voltageAfter the DC voltage of the inverter is lower than 510V, maintain the bus voltage at 420V~510V
Energy storage configuration15F/510V*N and adjust it according to the equipment capacity and compensation time
Capacitor brandKorean LS standard module
Dimensions800*800*2200 (300kW)  1200*800*2200 (500kW)  2400*800*2200 (1.2MW) If multiple outputs are required, the output cabinet needs to be selected according to the number of output channels
Compensation timeWhen the output voltage is not less than 420V, the full power compensation time is not less than 1s
Device response timeReal-time dynamic switching, 0ms response time
Overall efficiency>99.5%
Working environment temperature-25℃~+45℃
ProtectionIt has the necessary protection, and the protection action does not affect the normal power supply of the load inverter
Other functionsPower grid sag event recording and recording, local LCD screen, inverter linkage, etc,
Working humidity0~95% no condensation
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