Voltage regulating high voltage reactive power automatic compensation device

Changes the compensation capacity of the capacitor group by changing the terminal voltage

Voltage regulating high voltage reactive power automatic compensation device BW-VKC
Voltage regulating high voltage reactive power automatic compensation device BW-VKC

Product Introduction


The BW-VKC Voltage Regulating High Voltage Reactive Power Automatic Compensation Device uses fixed connection of capacitors, and changes the compensation capacity of the capacitor group by changing its terminal voltage. According to the principle of Q=ωCU², if the capacitor remains unchanged and the terminal voltage drops to 50% (or 40%, 60%) of Un, its output capacity can be adjusted between rated voltage and 25% (or 16%, 36%) of Qn, and the capacity adjustment difference can be changed by changing the voltage regulation differential.

The device mainly consists of secondary devices and their ancillary equipment, including high-voltage isolation switches, dry or oil-immersed voltage regulators, series reactors, high-voltage parallel capacitors, discharge coils, surge arresters, compensation controllers, and on-load tap changer controllers.


Precise adjustment: The device uses fixed connection of capacitors and does not adjust reactive power by switching capacitors. Instead, it adjusts the reactive power output by changing the terminal voltage of the capacitor through the voltage regulator.

No charging and discharging: The capacitor can solve the problems of charging and discharging caused by switching capacitors during operation, and the adjustment can be made at any time as the system reactive power changes.

No overvoltage: There is no overvoltage during the adjustment process of the voltage regulator, which ensures the safety of the capacitor and prolongs its service life.

Suppress surge current: The capacitor uses a suitable low-voltage closing, effectively reducing the impact of the capacitor closing surge current on the system and the capacitor itself.

Safe and reliable:It can automatically recognize the gear signal, call up the current setting parameters of different gears, and avoid protection dead angles.

Strong applicability: It can be used in new substation projects, or with the addition of voltage regulators to existing fixed compensation capacitors in substations to achieve automatic compensation function.

Performance Comparison
No.ComparisonFixed CompensationGroup SwitchingVoltage Regulation Type
1Main FeaturesCapacitors are fixedly connected, with simple structure and low costCapacitors are automatically switched in multiple groups to achieve automatic tracking compensation and improve power factorCapacitors can be adjusted without switching, with highly stable power factor, no inrush current or overvoltage during adjustment, long service life, and maintenance-free
2Compensation Level12~69
3Voltage at Start-upUnUn0.5Un
4Capacitor Inrush Current at Start-up≤20 Icn≤20 Icn≤5 Icn
5Capacitor Adjustment GradientQcDetermined by group capacity25%~rated capacity/9 gears
6Compensation MethodNon-adjustableVacuum SwitchingOn-load switch for gear adjustment
7Operational SafetyHighLow (switch has arc and requires maintenance)High (switch has no arc and is maintenance-free)
8Operational ImpactNo impactCapacitors frequently switch on and off, causing impactCapacitors are continuously online in real time without impact
9Capacitor Service LifeLongShort (high frequency of surge impact)Long (almost no surge impact)
Model Description


Primary System Diagram

Technical Parameters

Rated Voltage6kV、10kV、35kV
Rated Frequency50Hz
Voltage SamplingA-phase and C-phase line voltage, AC 100V
Current SamplingB-phase, AC 0-5A (secondary side of current transformer)
Capacitor WiringStar connection
Operating Power SupplyAC220V/380V
Overvoltage Capability1.1Un
Overcurrent Capability1.3In
Voltage Regulation Range50%-rated voltage/40%-rated voltage
Capacity Regulation Range25%-rated capacity/16%-rated capacity
Regulation Gears9/11
Connection GroupYa0, three-phase three-wire star connection
Sampling ControlSingle-bus single-sampling single-control, double-bus double-sampling double-control
Installation MethodIndoor or outdoor
Protection FunctionOvervoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, speed breaking, unbalanced voltage, lightning protection, harmonic over-limit, daily switching times, non-energy protection, etc.
Applicable RangeIt is suitable for centralized compensation of busbar in new substations of 35kV-220kV and the renovation of existing fixed capacitors in substations, which can effectively improve the power factor of the line, reduce line losses, and improve the voltage quality of the power supply line.
Operating EnvironmentEnvironment temperature: -25℃~+40℃, altitude: ≤ 1000m, air humidity: 95% (at 25℃), no significant dust, corrosive or combustible gases, water vapor or salt spray pollution in the surrounding air.
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