Active power filter

  • Active power filter BW-APFActive power filter
  • Active power filter BW-APFActive power filter
  • Active power filter BW-APFActive power filter
· 2-51 Harmonic Treatment
· Reactive Power Compensation
· Three-Phase Unbalance Treatment
· Three-Level Topology
· Based on Inverter Technology
· Modular Design
Active power filter BW-APFActive power filter Active power filter BW-APFActive power filter

Product Features

Technical Features

Three-Level Topology

● Output PWM waveform closer to sine wave
● Smaller ripple current and less harmonic content in output
● Achieve high-frequency application of low-voltage IGBT
● Higher IGBT switching frequency, faster response speed
● Half the voltage stress of IGBT, effectively reducing switching losses
● Smaller volume of LCL filter, achieving small-volume modular design

Active power filter BW-APFActive power filter技术特点

Self-Developed Control System

● Intelligent and Fast Fourier Transform and Instantaneous Reactive Power Control Algorithm
● Flexible combination of harmonic, reactive, and unbalance control modes
● Multi-chip control method to ensure operation speed and anti-interference ability
● Support system-side or load-side sampling, automatically identify power grid phase sequence
● Flexible output coordination of capacitor switching and APF by self-controller

Active power filter BW-APFActive power filter技术特点

Technical Parameters

Application classificationIndustrial EnhancedIndustrial type
Rated voltage V400690200/400690
Electrical characteristics
Input voltage range-20%~+20%-20%~+10%-20%~+20%-20%~+10%
Frequency Hz50/60(-10%~+10%)
Wire systemThree phase three wire/three phase four wire
Overload capacityCapable of continuous operation at 110% rated current and 1 minute operation at 120% rated current
Circuit topologyThree-level topology
Switching frequency kHz20
Number of parallel machines≥ 20 modules in parallel
RedundancyAny unit can become an independent unit
Filter characteristics
Nameplate capacity A150、200100、15050、75、100、150、20075、100
Filter range2 to 51 optional
Harmonic filtering abilityBetter than 97% at rated load
CT installation methodOpen loop or closed loop (recommended for parallel operation)
Response time110µs
Full response time2 power frequency cycles (10-90% filtering)
<1 power frequency cycle (power compensation)
Reactive power characteristics
Single module compensation capacity kvar100、150120、18035、50、75、100、15090、120
Power factor adjustment range-1~+1
Load balancing characteristics
Unbalanced kvar and kW compensation100%
Wi-Fi communication (optional)Accessing web pages using a computer or mobile phone for parameter settings and data viewing
USBWith dedicated debugging software
HMI1.8/4.3/7/10 inch screen (optional)
CAN protocol, RJ45 interface, used for communication between modules
USB 2.0
Dry ContactEPO、DI、DO
Physical installation
ColourRAL 7035 (customizable)
Installation and fixation methodVerticalWall mounted, rack mounted, vertical
AltitudeDerating when>2000m
Ambient temperatureWorking temperature: -35℃~60℃, derated for use above 55℃
Storage temperature: -45℃~70℃
Humidity5% -95% RH, non condensing
Protection levelIP20
Compliant with standards
General structural and safety issuesEN 62477-1(2012),EN 61439-1(2011)
EMCEN/IEC 61000-6-4 , Class A


  1. In addition to the filtering function, the spare capacity can be reactive power compensation and load balancing, and the working mode can be selected from the device settings;

  2. When the rated voltage is 200V, the reactive power compensation capacity is 50% of the compensation capacity of the rated voltage level of 400V;

  3. All devices support SVGC hybrid compensation scheme.

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