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Bowo won the national specialized and special new "Little Giant" enterprise

Recently, Bowo was recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the fifth batch of national specialized and special new "Little Giant" enterprises. The national "Little Giant" is a merit-based recognition on the basis of provincial/municipal level, which is authoritative, and is a reaffirmation of Oriental Bowo's high-precision strength and technology research and development capabilities after being awarded the title of Beijing Specialized and Special New "Little Giant" Enterprise and Beijing "Specialized, Specialized and New" Small and Medium-sized Enterprise in 2022.


The national specialized and special new "Little Giant" is a high-level and high-authority honorary title in the evaluation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the country, and the enterprises that are identified as focusing on the shortcomings of the manufacturing industry, technology-led, focusing on market segments, mastering key core technologies, and having a high market share.

Founded in 2006 and located in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, Beijing, Bowo is a smart power energy overall solution provider with intelligent power conversion technology as the core, and is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, manufacturing and sales of application-oriented power electronic products, and a "specialized, specialized, special and new" and "Little Giant" enterprise.

The company's business covers many fields such as comprehensive power quality management, energy storage microgrid and smart energy, and is committed to the deep integration of information technology and industrial automation technology, comprehensively tapping the application efficiency and potential of power energy, helping customers in semiconductor, new energy, data center, automobile, iron and steel metallurgy, petrochemical, coal, power grid, municipal and other industries to save energy and reduce carbon, and promote the realization of the national "dual carbon" goal.

In the future, under the guidance of the national "specialized, specialized and new" strategy, Bowo will continue to improve its innovation ability and R&D level, adhere to the road of scientific and technological innovation, continuously enhance the core competitiveness and industry influence of enterprises, do fine and strong, give play to the demonstration and leading role of "specialized, specialized and new" enterprises, and lead the industry to create greater value.

BOWO Smart Power Energy Integration
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